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Why are new people following this blog I’m so inactive

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Anonymous said: The houses on the freeway in winnipeg look like Sims house because the windows are all over the place tbh

Fuck off tori

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Anonymous said: Have you uhm ever sent nudes? I'm getting asked for them and I want to but idk

Do whatcha want whatcha want with ya body

Okay but actually if you’re going to, make sure it’s somebody you really trust because people are assholes and you never know. Just be extra sure that’s what you want to do and that they’re a good person. That is all.

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people who can draw a star without having crossing lines in the middle really have their life together

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William M. Hart - Cows in the Meadow - 1878
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William M. Hart - Cows in the Meadow - 1878

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i scrolled down for an explanation and there wasn’t one but i think i’m ok with that

I think this says a lot of shit

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I didn’t want you
to only fuck me,
I wanted you to
love me.

But I didn’t know what to
convince you with
besides my body.
Hot Winds, Holy Thoughts | Lora Mathis - via lora-mathis (via perfect)

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tryna hug tall people like 


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ideal relationship: play folk punk together

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